Q: How do I sign up for a project?

A: You can sign up for a project either by filling out the project sign-up form on the website, or by contacting us at programdirector@yvchr.org. We will contact you if there is no longer space available. You will receive a reminder email prior to the service activity from your Team Leader.


Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of projects I can volunteer for?

A: Nope! Volunteer as much as you want!


Q: What do I need to bring with me to the project?

A: If this is your first time volunteering with YVCHR since August 1 of this school year, please download and complete the Volunteer Registration form and Waiver located on the “Volunteer”  page and bring them with you to your first YVC project. Some projects will require you to bring additional items such as a sack lunch, an agency waiver, or special clothing (e.g., closed-toe shoes for a construction project). Check out the project descriptions to see if your project has any additional requirements.


Q: Who will be supervising youth volunteers at YVC projects?

A: All projects are led by one or more YVCHR adult Team Leaders. All Team Leaders have passed full background checks. In addition, all Team Leaders are trained in how to lead successful, educational, and fun service activities.


Q: I need verification for the community service hours I have completed. How do I get that verification form from your organization?

A: We are happy to give you an official YVCHR form stating the number of hours you have completed with us. We can also sign any forms that your school or organization requires. We can sign these forms at the end of a project (just ask the Team Leader) or you can call/e-mail us for the form at a later date. 


Q: Can parents volunteer at projects with their children?

A: For most YVCHR projects, we prefer parents drop off their children. One of our goals is to encourage our Youth Volunteers to branch out, meet new people, take responsibility for certain tasks and learn the value of service as individuals and members of a team. However, we realize family volunteering can be a wonderful experience, so we make sure to plan projects each year in which the whole family is invited to participate. These projects are designated as “family projects” in our project descriptions.


Q: I am part of a school/church/youth group and we would like to volunteer together at a project. Can you take a group of volunteers at one of your projects or find a place for us to volunteer as a group?

A: Whether or not we can take a group of volunteers will vary depending on the project.  Contact us directly with your specific request, and we’ll try to work with you.


Q: Something came up and I can't go to a project anymore. What do I do?

A: Email programdirector@yvchr.org stating that you will not be able to attend the project before the day of the project.  If this is a last minute cancellation, please contact the Team Leader responsible for the service activity.


Q: What's a YVC Club?

A: A Youth Volunteer Corps Club is a school sponsored group. For those members of the student body interested in performing volunteer service. A YVC Club works closely with the YVC of Hampton Roads to develop volunteer projects. A YVC Club is facilitated by a school staff member with the assistance of YVCHR.  YVC Clubs focus on areas of service that are important to its members while having access to episodic volunteering sponsored by YVCHR.  Here are a list of our current YVC clubs.


Q: How do I start a YVC Club?

A: Contact info@yvchr.org for more information and a YVC Club sponsor handbook.


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